Catherine Coulter May 2018 Newsletter

Vol. 555 No. 121

ParadoxWhat exciting goodies I’ve got for you, and you don’t have to send in a coupon, beg, or buy two-or-more to get the deal. Nope, the goodies are embedded right in this newsletter –- what’s easier than a simple click? Now, the trick is the preparation. You want either to be alone in a calm safe place or maybe allow your special loved one to share the experience with you. Below there are three goody links from PARADOX, the 22nd FBI thriller with Savich and Sherlock (out July 31st): two excerpts from PARADOX that will set your hair on fire, and the third goody -- the finale -- is a teaser video that will blow your socks off (so be sure you’re sitting down).

Ready? Get your click engines revving……



So, how’s your hair? Still on fire?


You might be asking why I’m showing you this insanely wild video before any other human being on this planet (or others)? Guess: (1) you paid your taxes on time, (2) you loved up your critters every single day, (3) you ate at least 60 tacos over the past year, and (4) you showed your worthiness by signing up for my newsletters. Answer: tacos, critters and taxes are only a nose behind, but the correct response is (4). If you selected 4, not only are you an extra special VIP this month, you’re also brilliant.

After you’ve watched the video at least six times, do let me know how your socks flew off your feet you were so excited, jumping up and down barefooted in your nearly uncontrolled fervor. (This is why it might be smart to have a loved one close by unless they’re over-fervored as well.)

You want a copy of PARADOX signed by moi? You can pre-order at most online booksellers. Oh, what great fun!

Catherine Coulter



I ain’t no wuss like my bro back there. I’m a Special Forces cat. ain’t no wuss – I’m a camouflaged Stealth cat. You can’t see me – neener, neener.