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August Newsletter 2012

August Newsletter 2012

Here's to August, the Better Be Happy Last Month of the Summer

September newsletter 2012

Vol 007 No. 703 September, 2012

FOOTBALL is here again and do you want to know how insane I am? Well, you see, I can't simply sit and watch football all day Sunday, all Monday evening, all Thursday evening. No siree, this puppy has to be doing something, and so --- Wrap Christmas presents! Yes, yes, I've already wrapped about 50 gifts.

October Newsletter 2012

66 Days to the End of the Mayan Calendar and then our iPads turn into rock tablets and we're scratching our armpits (aka Dec. 21st,  2012)
But first we have to survive Halloween, the day the zombies burst out of the ground and terrify the crap out of us, not to mention eat our candy and eat our brains.

Hi, Happy October:

November Newsletter 2012

Happy Thanksgiving:  Guess what -- It's now 36 days until the End of the Mayan Calendar when we revert to Neolithic texting, which means tiny chiseling and nail-biting accurate stone throwing. (Don't forget to use the Forever dinosaur stamps.)

But first we have to survive Turkey Day, the day spent with a dozen well-meaning relatives, or not so well-meaning, the diminishing carcass of a 25 pounder, and sprawled in front of the tube watching a succession  of football games in a numb-brained stupor.

December Newsletter 2012

Vol. 21 No. 12

Friday the 21st is 'put up or shut up' time. The ancient Mayans either forecasted our doom in three days time or they simply ran out of calendar rocks. The earth either splits apart and hurls all of us hither and yon or we are frantically buying our last Christmas presents, and praying to the God of Pity that our giftees like them.

January 2013 Newsletter

January 2013
vol. 3 number 17
Happy Post Mayan Apocalypse:

We're still cursing when the alarm clock jerks us right out of a really cool dream, we're still chowing down our Cheerios, still out there earning enough moolah to feed the cats. THIS IS ALL A GOOD THING. So far so good --

February 2013 Newsletter

Happy Valentine's Day:  How's this for a gift: choice of show times at the theater to see Bruce Willis's new movie, It's a Good Day to Die Hard. (Am I good, or what? Yes, I know it's important to be the one to actually fork over cash for the tickets and popcorn.)