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July Newsletter, 2013

Catherine Coulter July Newsletter 2013

Thanks to all of you, BACKFIRE, paperback, is #6 its third week on the New York Times bestseller list, about the same ranking on other lists as well. Big yea! BOMBSHELL: Wow, are you ready for this? #5 on the NYT Hardcover Fiction List, #2 on the Ebook list, #2 on the Combined ebook/hardcover List.

June Newsletter 2013

Catherine Coulter June Newsletter 2013
Vol. 007 No. 711
Hi Everyone:

Believe it, it's the fricking middle of the sixth month which makes it smack in the middle of the year and nearly the middle of the decade. Phew.

June 2nd - 9th: The Outer Banks, North Caroline (Duck, to be specific) included  38 large and six small, both large and small were well behaved, happy, always hungry, always fed incredibly well, a different family cooking every night, ranging from Brit Yorkshire pudding to Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, to BBQ pork ribs, pulled pork and chicken,  to good old fashioned dogs and burgers to -- well, well, my brain just froze through visualization gluttony.

May Newsletter 2013

Vol 881 Num 114

Hi Everyone:

America's Cup sailboats are strutting their stuff right in front of my house, (well, in the water right in front of my house) getting ready for the big races held throughout the summer and into early September here on San Francisco Bay.

April Newsletter 2013

Catherine Coulter April Newsletter 2013

Vol. 555 No. 000

Happy Post Tax Day:

 THE FINAL CUT, the first thriller in my new A BRIT in the FBI series, is -- ta da -- completely and utterly and for sure finished and into the publisher. Talk about a great book, and maybe even a great movie -- The hardcover, ebook, audio, hieroglyphic, Sanskrit, maybe even sky-written pub date is September 17th, so mark your calendars and take your pick.

March 2013 Newsletter

Not quite the Ides of March yet, which of course, was created by Caesar to remind every Roman to get ready  to render their taxes unto him by April 15th, or else. Isn't it odd how some things never change?

February/March Newsletter 2012

Hello Everyone:

Hard to believe February is gone, simply over never to return. I spent two weeks in Kentucky basically off the planet and out of time, so it passed me right by. I'm back home now, finished doing the editor edit of BACKFIRE (the 16th FBI). So now it's on to the next FBI saga. Unfortunately I can't even remember the half-assed plot I'd started, so it'll be brain rebooting for me.

April Newsletter 2012

Happy April Everyone:

On April 21st, next Saturday, if you're in the area of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, drive yourself to Independence (what a wonderful name) and come to my writers workshop and stay for my talk and signing at the 1st Presbyterian Church. (115 6th Ave., N.W.)

My workshop is from 1:00 p.m. to 230ish. My talk and signing begins at 3:00 and end at the cocktail hour (wait, we're in a church). This program benefits the Independence Public Library, a very excellent thing. As added incentive, I'm funny plus I've got great legs.

May newsletter 2012

Vol. 669 No. 441

Hi, Everyone:

I'm off tomorrow for a vacation in Southern Utah, hiking around all the beautiful canyons and parks, ending up in Las Vegas, and what's not to like in the Adult Disneyland? We're staying at the Mandarin Oriental, brand new, and guess what? No gambling -- do you think they'll survive? Can you imagine walking through a lobby in Las Vegas without hearing the Ca-Ching of the slot machines?

June Newsletter 2012

Vol. 711 Number 003

Hello Everyone:

July newsletter 2012


I'm releasing BACKFIRE, the 16th FBI thriller, into the Universe on Tuesday, July 10th. Backfire has a gorgeous cover to fascinate you. As for the insides, both mysteries will light your fire, maybe scorch your eyebrows. The book takes place in San Francisco (my home digs), and the major mystery reprises Judge Ramsey Hunt (The Target). BACKFIRE is wild and woolly, it'll punch your heart into overdrive, and I swear you'll be locking your windows at three a.m.