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Christmas Newsletter 2016

Catherine Coulter Christmas Newsletter 2016 Cats

Vol. 333 No.110

'Twas not quite the night before Christmas  --  actually it’s least a week before The Day.  Of course you’ve already finished all your shopping, wrapped all your goodies with fun paper and fantastic ribbons and bows, and placed each present carefully under the tree, showing off their gloriousness.  And when there’s no more room, you will then place the remaining gifts in artistic displays next to the tree, maybe a spot light illuminating on your creation. Is there even a slim chance of all this happening before you’re reading "Twas the night before Christmas" to your kids, your grandkids, your other half?

Thanksgiving November 2016 Newsletter

Catherine Coulter November Newsletter Cats

Vol. 555 Number 220

If you heard about a thriller titled ENIGMA, what would you think the plot would be? If you were designing cover art, what would you picture as the perfect image or concept for a thriller titled ENIGMA? Note: this plot has nothing to do with cryptology or WW 11. There’s so much creativity out there – I am now formally tapping into it. Email me at with your best ideas. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

October Newsletter 2016

Catherine Coulter October Newsletter Cats

Vol. 119 Number 444

Happy October:

If you haven’t seen my Halloween videos, go to – they’re neat videos but I sound sort of dead, which fits, I guess, given all the skulls and ghosts and black cats around the house which my own kitters do not appreciate. Eli took one look at the very lifelike black cat on the sofa and went viral – got all stiff, hair sticking up straight, back arched to the ceiling, then coward that he is, he hissed and turned tail and ran. Peyton took one look, slinked out, and hid in his hidey-hole in the pillow room. (Video of this room some other day)

Catherine Coulter September Newsletter 2016

Catherine Coulter September cats

Vol. 4400 No. 996

Happy Autumnal Equinox (the 22nd): – Do not forget your celebratory midnight dance around a raging bonfire, hands clapping over your head as you chant, "Football season has arrived! Laissez les bon temps rouler!"  Clothing is optional.

Catherine Coulter The End Game in paperback


Next Tuesday, September 6th, the 3rd Brit in the FBI series, THE END GAME, paperback, will be beamed to you either by alien booklovers or to be absolutely prosaic, available at your local bookstore. If you haven’t already pre-ordered THE END GAME, then you can camp  out in front of your bookstore (I do hope there’s one close by) and wait for them to usher you in and reverently place THE END GAME in your hands.

Happy August Newsletter 2016

August newsletter cat

Happy August Newsletter 2016

If you haven’t yet read INSIDIOUS, the publishing minions will be beating the bushes for any slaggards. Do not be a slaggard. Some of the minions really like the purple Venus Fly Trap cover – and if you don’t, they’ll think you have crappy taste and deserve punishment, e.g., you will not compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. You will be forced to stay at home and watch the in-the-future Olympic games with the rest of the slaggards, who will be drowning their sorrow in nothing-but-water.

      So do not make me yell, “Slaggard alert!”

July 2016 Newsletter

Catherine Coulter July 2016 Newsletter cats

vol. 000 no. 555

Happy Mid-Summer:

Catherine Coulter June Newsletter 2016

June 2016 Catherine Coulter newsletter cats

Vol. 667 No. 002

Happy Summer Vacation Launch Month:

All of you with kids, take a deep breath, get out the backyard blow-up swimming pool, pull the Frisbee out of the closet, clean the basketball net on the garage door and get lots of sugar-free Kool Aid. After a week of enthusiasm and loads of fun, then you may justifiably begin to count off the day to camp or, if no camp, to pre-season football, a great three-hour distraction (for you, not the kids).

May Newsletter, 2016

Catherine Coulter May Newsletter Cats

Vol. 227 Num. 774

Blooming gorgeous incredible May:

All of you who live in climates like mine, I encourage you to sing the Hallelujah Chorus along with your hydrangeas and roses, the scent will grow sweeter, the leaves will shine greener and the birds will picnic nearby. And then, just maybe, you'll see a white rabbit in a tall hat running by as he consults his big pocket watch. Folk, it's magical May.