Catherine News

1st June Mini-Newsletter 2019

Look what I found hiding in my roses, or then again, maybe the roses found LABYRINTH wandering around in the garden, looking for readers...

Memorial Day Mini Newsletter 2019

Death by Roses – hmm, now that’s a title. Am I being chomped on by my gorgeous iceberg roses?...

May 2019 Mini Newsletter

The only bummer? I had to read THE LAST SECOND to Clothilde (the fertility statue and goddess of the waterfall)...

May Day Mini Newsletter May 2019

Once upon a time I was standing in my moose slippers in front of my incredible kingdom, balancing THE LAST SECOND on my knee, wearing a shirt of many colors Why? You may wonder

THE LAST SECOND -- Post-Pub mini-newsletter

Reading on my Harry Potter sofa with moose slippers. THE LAST SECOND is shining bright on the bestseller lists

The Last Second - Mini Newsletter Part 3 Feb 2019

Blowing out candles on three cakes is tough to do, but where there's a will – hey, enough time and I got it done. Bummer, the Birthday Wish Fairy said instead of three wishes I could have only one granted, IF I would eat another taco. Done! One of my male friends wrapped THE LAST SECOND (my only copy and yeah, that's pretty cheap) and wrote on it: With Love, Your Dream Man. (I do hope he wasn't talking about himself.) Bet you can guess what my wish is. A birthday coming up for someone? The buy links are pumping up ready to sing "-- and many more."